Rajshahi Cantonment Board School & College
Forming skilled human resources.
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All visible things but education are transient and fickle in this world. In education there is an invaluable essence, which has no deterioration but development, which is knowledge. This knowledge is achieved through education.

Education plays an important role for the emancipation of human souls. Education frees human life from any dependence on others and makes a human a real human being through determining, in human life, what is good, what is bad, which issue is necessary and which one is unnecessary or what should be major aim of the life. Human beings have scopes to correct their own mistakes through acquiring true education. Epoch demanding education system helps acquire substantive education.

Time suitable education system, complied to adjust with the dynamic world improves the creative talent of the learners. Rajshahi Cantonment School & College, a reputed institute is playing effective roles in forming skilled human resource for the overall development of our country.

Rule, regulations and disciplines are an ornament and tradition of this institution. We try to ensure an environment to mold the students as an ideal citizen with high moral and human values, making them gradually habituated with strict rule and regulations.

Necessary steps have taken in order to grow learners’ physical and mental development, to increase their technology efficiency and to prepare them for major competitions. The students of our institution will grow in such a way that they can be successful in doing great contributions to the society. Success of the learners is the main aim of the institute.

With the patronage of Brigadier General Shamim Ahmed, SUP,NDC,PSC, the honourable Chairman of the Governing Body of the institution and Station commander of Rajshahi Cantonment, recently a website for this institute has been run to continue this flow of the students’ success.

This step of respectable Chairman will surely make our onward march smooth. We are grateful to him for this contribution. Finally, I expect the assistance of all for the overall betterment of Rajshahi Cantonment Board School & College.

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